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Initially published at the end of March 2014 on “Rádio CBN”, please take the time to view this very interesting English subtitled radio interview with renowned architect and urbanist Raquel Rolnik, addressing a range of contemporary issues related to Brazil´s heavily populated metropolitan regions – notably focusing on mobility and housing for low income groups.

Whilst it is often difficult to truly establish the direction at which the Brazil property market is moving, a number of key observations can be made by looking at what is happening on the ground level.  It takes a short trip to most of the medium to larger cities to...

Well respected Getúlio Vargas Foundation economist and market commentator Samy Dana this week blogged via UOL Notícias some of his latest insights into the current state of play of the Brazilian property market.

Last week, Brazil´s Exame magazine published research undertaken in partnership with home lender Canal do Crédito to simulate the financial implications of purchasing property in various cities across Brazil.

A translated article written by Ruban Selvanayagam for the Mercado Impacto blog (also republished on Next Billion Brasil)… One of the most enigmatic questions surrounding sustainable growth in the large majority of emerging nations is how to reach the increasingly complicated goal of delivering dignified housing to the majority of the population, both in a socially and environmentally cohesive manner.

Finance Professor at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, also known as “Mr Money”, recently advised the Brazilian public to hold off purchasing real estate or automobiles until after the World Cup in June. Luís Carlos Ewald, speaking to Época Negócios, stated that after this period prices will start to come down and good opportunities will emerge: “everybody is saying that the Cup will be great for Brazil. But, after the event passes there will be no more investors left in the country as many are fearful.”

A recent online article published by GLOBO, Rio de Janeiro has reported that several of the larger Minha Casa, Minha Vida housing developments are witnessing a range of post-conclusion management issues – principally related to payment delinquencies on water, light, gas and condominium management costs (in some cases reaching 90%) as well as the growth of informal business activity, illegal energy tapping and even drug dealing.

A news report published in January 2014 on the 13 month delay of a 1,500 low income housing development constructed under the “My House, My Life” program in Espírito Santo (south east Brazil) – a problem exacerbated by the heavy storms that hit the region in recent months.

Since the early 2000s when Brazil began to gain its stronger reputation as a relatively stable emerging investment destination and as signs of the global crisis began to appear, the notable increase in off plan activity was viewed as an effective means to respond counter-cyclically. International agents enthused of there...

In light of recent research published by the Economist reporting that Brazil´s property prices rose by an estimated 12.8% in 2013 - the second highest out of 23 countries tracked after the United States - the following report published on the R7 news site explores the noticeable differences in current open market values in...

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